Free Research Paper On George Washington

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  • Wiencek/On George Washington

    A 9 page book review that reports on Henry Wiencek's An Imperfect God, which is a biography of George Washington that offers a different view of this Founding Father, as Wiencek concentrates on Washington's role as a slaveholder. Drawing heavily on critical analysis of this text authored by historian Peter Henriques, the writer presents an argument that rejects Wiencek's overarching thesis, which is that Washington underwent an epiphany which caused him to reject slavery and free his slaves, is not supported by the evidence offered. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • George Washington: Heroic, Flawed, and Human

    In ten pages this paper examines how American General and first President of the United States George Washington is depicted in various ways as heroic, human, and flawed in Jeff Shaara’s The Glorious Cause, and in the films Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor, The Conquerors: General Howe, Conqueror of New York, The Crossing, and D.W. Griffith’s America. Three sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Houdon's George Washington Statue

    In five pages Houdon's George Washington Statue in Virginia is examined in a consideration of the sculpture and sculptor. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Farewell Address of George Washington

    In three pages the Farewell Address George Washington delivered in 1896 in which he expressed his concerns for the new country's welfare is discussed with the emphasis upon European allegiance and political party threats. There are no other sources cited.

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