Good Books To Do A Research Paper On

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  • A Review of the Edward Boykin Book Ghost Ship of the Confederacy

    The writer reviews Ghost Ship of the Confederacy, a 1957 book by Edward Boykin. The book tells of the Alabama and Raphael Semmes, her captain. The writer believes that Boykin's book explores a part of Civil War history that is usually overlooked. The paper is five pages long and only the book itself is used as a source.

  • Picture Book on Autism

    This book review is on Amanda D. Tourville's My Friend Has Autism, which is illustrated by Kristin Sorra. An informative, sensitive book for ages 5 and up, the writer describes the book and discusses its use in the classroom. Three pages in length, only the book is cited.

  • The Forensic Casebook by N.E. Genge

    This book review is on "The Forensic Casebook" by N.E. Genge. The writer first summarizes the book's contents and then discusses in detail a section of the book that was found to be particularly interesting, i.e., the section on forensic entomology. Four pages in length, only the book is cited.

  • The Need for Hard-Back Books

    A 3 page essay that discusses why hard-back books are better than reading books online. Reading a book is not the same as reading text on a computer screen. This is true for several reasons. First of all, there is the immediacy of hard-back book, as everything the reader needs is there, at the fingertips. There is also the factor of portability, that is, not everyone has a laptop or a book reader. Also, there is the problem of copyright and issues pertaining to access, which seem likely to continue to constitute obstacles to Internet access to recent books. Taking these points individually, the value of hard-back books is self-evident. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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