Research Paper On Andrew Jackson

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  • Andrew Jackson and Indian Removal

    This essay discusses good and bad policies of the Andrew Jackson administration, and argues that the good are not enough to negate the bad and evaluate Jackson as a good president. The writer focuses on the removal of the Cherokee Indians from their tribal lands and the Trail of Tears. Three pages in length, three sources are cited.

  • The Cherokee Nation and Andrew Jackson

    In seven pages the role Andrew Jackson played in removing the Cherokee Nation's lands is examined and also includes a consideration of the events leading up to this removal. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Analyzing Andrew Jackson's Case for the Removal of Indians in an 1930 Message to Congress

    In a review consisting of four pages President Andrew Jackson's Removal Act is discussed in terms of the ways in which the Chief Executive attempted to justify his actions not only in terms of the white citizens of the United States but also to the Native Americans he was attempting to have removed from their lands. There are no other sources cited in the bibliography.

  • Robert Remini's Andrew Jackson

    Presidential powers are discussed within the context of this biography of Andrew Jackson by Robert Remini in five pages. There are no other sources listed.

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