Research Paper On Baseball Player Salaries

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  • Determining Monopsony in the Salaries of NonContracted and Contracted Baseball Players

    In three pages Andrew and Victor Brajer's research into this topic as detailed in 1994's 'Baseball Stars and Baseball Cards: A New Look at Monopsony in Major League Baseball' is considered through an evaluation of a statistical model and offers the suggestion that the utilization of baseball cards is a superior determinant because this reflects a player's worth to the team. There are no other bibliographic sources cited.

  • Human Relationships and Baseball

    In nine pages this paper considers the human relationships that develop through baseball and includes those between fans and players, owners and players, coaches and players and among the players themselves with two forms of team cohesion also identified. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Steroid Abuse in Major League Baseball

    In five pages this paper examines whether or not steroid abuse has tainted the professional baseball in a consideration of if there should be random drug testing, whether or not player records should be upheld if convicted of steroid use, whether there should be a ‘one strike rule,’ and if this steroid abuse by the pros has tainted baseball’s image at high school and college levels. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

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