Research Paper On Chemical Weathering

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  • Ossification and Chemical Processes

    In a paper of three pages, the writer looks at chemical processes. Ossification is explained by way of chemical equations and formulae. Paper uses one source.

  • "Chemical Analysis By Observation Of Spectra" - Summary

    4 pages in length. The purpose of the experiments is to illustrate how important spectrum analysis is within the context of chemical reaction where various substances are concerned. For the chemicals in this experiment, all have the ability to create specific bright lines when brought into contact with the flame. The inherent value of performing these experiments, therefore, is to establish the importance of spectrum analysis in relation to further discover of elements that may not be detected without the influence of certain light properties. No bibliography.

  • Insects and Pheromones

    In ten pages this paper discusses pheromones in insects in an overview of their discovery, uses, chemical compounds, and pesticide replacement by synthetic chemicals. Ten sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Assessment of Microsoft and Google for Investment

    The writer presents an assessment of these two high tech firms as a potential target for investment. The financial performance, operations and ability to weather a recession are all considered in the way the investment decision is assessed. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography of this nine page paper.

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