Research Paper On Child Abuse In Pakistan

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  • Overview of Child Abuse

    This paper describes the effects of child abuse on child development and also the problems that is causes in later life for the adults survivors of child abuse. Four pages in length, seven sources are cited.

  • The Vicious Circle of Child Abuse, Juvenile Delinquency, and Future Abuse

    A 6 page discussion of the factors associated with child abuse, delinquency, and the likelihood that an abused child will ultimately become an abuser. The author weaves in the "broken window" theory of James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelly in the argument that we must address child abuse early on if future impacts are to be lessened. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

  • Abuse Cases, Elder and Child Abuse

    This paper first describes 2 cases of abuse, one that pertains to elder abuse and the other to child sexual abuse. Then, the writer discusses the impact that abuse has on the lives of victims. Three pass in length, four sources are cited.

  • Forms of Child Abuse 2

    In five pages various types of child abuse are discussed in terms of statistics, situational assessment, and suggested improvements.

  • Tutorial on Clinicians and Child Abuse

    In seven pages this essay discusses the issues that health care personnel and clinicians must consider when treating cases of neglect and child abuse including when the abuse took place, the abuser' profile, and whether the abusive family should have the child returned. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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