Research Paper On Child Labor

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  • The Legal Use of Child Labor in Pre-Victorian England

    12 pages and 12 sources. This paper relates the specific views of the history of child labor and the use of child labor in early industrial England. This paper outlines the historical changes that led to the decline of child labor in that country, including a focus on the labor laws in Victorian England that changed the view of poverty.

  • The Issue of Child Labor

    5 pages and 10 sources. This paper provides an overview of the issue of child labor and its use in many different countries. Specifically, this paper looks at countries that exploit children for their work product in India, Latin America and Pakistan. This paper also relates the way in which governments and consumers play a role in the continuation of child labor exploitation.

  • An Economic Perspective in the Reduction of Child Labor

    There is general agreement that child labor is wrong, but it is still widely practiced. The writer looks at this with the use of economic concepts, first describing the problem and then using the same concepts, such as supply and demand and elasticity to determine potential strategies that may reduce the occurrence of child labor. Five sources are cited in the bibliography of this five page paper.

  • Child Labor and the Dangers

    This 5 page paper gives an explanation of why child labor was bad. This paper includes the health, environmental, and social issues of child labor. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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