Research Paper On Concrete Technology

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  • Instructional Technology at Lakenheath High School

    In a three page paper, the author identifies research on the use of instructional technology for Lakenbeath High School. This author located four research articles on the use of technology and the development of technology-based activities for use in instruction. There are four sources that are evaluated for support for specific instructional technologies. There are four sources used in this paper.

  • Advances in Medical Health

    Technology has been used in healthcare for decades in terms of health records but advancing technology has found itself in hospitals, physician offices, and other locations with professional healthcare persons. This paper discusses many issues related to this topic such as electronic medical records, what technology enhances patient safety and quality of care and many other issues. There are nineteen sources used in this eleven page paper

  • Construction Technologies and High Rise Buildings

    In five pages this paper discusses high rise buildings in a consideration of various types of construction technologies with a consideration of required tolerance in the process of concrete framing and steel creation. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Increasing the Rate of Concrete Recycling in the UK Construction Industry

    The paper, written in the style of a research report or dissertation, investigates the way that the construction industry in the UK may be motivated to increase the level of concrete recycling that current takes place. A literature review, which includes an examination of the relevant issues, including how and why concrete should be reclined and the potential economic benefit of the industry. The research then looks to Japan where 98% of concrete is recycled to assess the strategies implemented to reach this level. Forty-six sources are cited in the bibliography of this seventy page paper.

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