Research Paper On Criminal Justice Topic

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  • The Criminal Justice System and the Issue of Racism

    This research paper examines a vareity of issues that pertain to the issue of justice within the criminal justice system. The writer addresses how racial prejudice cites the prevalence of certain minority member with the context of the criminal justice system as rationalization for prejudice. This six page paper has five sources in the bibliography.

  • Criminal Justice System and Fairness

    In six pages this paper discusses the arguments presented by author David Cole in his text No Equal Justice Race and Class in the American Criminal Justice System that state the U.S. criminal justice system is unfair to people of race and ethnicity. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Corruption Within Criminal Justice System

    This research paper presents a project proposal that will examine the topic of corruption in criminal justice system, emphasizing corruption within police departments in the US. Nine pages in length, eight sources are cited.

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