Research Paper On Decision Making Process

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  • Budgets, Ethics and Accounting Information in the Case of Guillermo Furniture

    This 3 page paper answers 3 questions set by the student concerning the fictitious case of Guillermo Furniture. The first answer identifies how budgeting and performance reports can help with decision making. The second answers identities the way ethics may impact on the decision making process and the last answer considers what accounting data would be useful for the decision making process. . The bibliography cites 3 sources.

  • Understanding the Consumer Decision-Making Process

    This 5 page paper summarizes the elements of the consumer decision-making process and considers how marketers can use the consumer decision-making process to increase sales and the way consumer satisfaction influences marketing strategies. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

  • Function of Information Technology in Decision Making

    This informative research paper first describes the decision making process and then how information technology (IT) fits into this process, supporting the premise that IT utilization saves time and facilitates making optimal decisions. Various decision making models are described, which includes a discussion for maximizing outcomes. While it is not possible to obtain perfect IT, the writer shows how this area aids decision makers in improving the outcomes of their decisions. This twenty-two page paper has twenty-one sources in the bibliography.

  • A Method to Make Decisions

    There are many types of decisions made in organizations every day. This essay discusses a decision making process but within the discussion the writer explains satisficing and optimizing decisions, the Carnegie model, and programmed and nonprogrammed decisions. There are six sources used in this three page paper.

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