Research Paper On Discrimination In Education

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  • "Indian Education"/Sherman Alexie

    This paper discusses "Indian Education" by Sherman Alexie, and relates it to racism, discrimination and the difficulty in developing a sense of identity that includes heritage as a Native American. Five pages in length, four sources are cited.

  • The Need for Laws to Protect the Obese

    There is no specific law that clearly identifies obesity as a protected class of people under anti-discrimination laws. Like age discrimination, we need a weight discrimination law. The reasons are because obesity has so many diverse causes, more and more research suggests that it is a medical problem and not the fault of the obese person. The paper discuses laws, employment conditions, and provide an example of a successful politician who is obese. There are six sources used in this ten page paper.

  • Price Discrimination Strategies

    This 5 page paper looks at price discrimination as a business strategy. The paper outlines what is meant by price discrimination and considers the motivation behind the adoption of price discrimination and then discusses the different ways that price discrimination may be implemented as a strategy. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

  • Education in Health Care

    This essay comments on four aspects of education in health care beginning with using the COPA model for basic nursing education and adopting that model for staff education, patient education, and community education. There are three sources listed in the bibliography of this four page paper.

  • The Challenges and Experiences of Aboriginal and Islander Tertiary Education Students

    in Australia The writers uses the article by Jackie Higgins entitled 'Well I rest my case' to look at the experience of aboriginal students in post compulsory education. The article is assessed looking at the causes of discrimination and the way in which aboriginal students remain underrepresented in higher education. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography of this four page paper.

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