Research Paper On Emotional Intelligence And Work Life Balance

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  • Issues in HRM - The Work Life Balance and Issues of Fairness

    The writer looks at a number of different but related issues concerning the quality of the work lifer balance, the role of legislation and fairness. The advantages of a good work life balance, the benefits of a fair workplace and the range of legislation that has been seen over time in the UK guarding against discriminating. Six sources are sources in this eight page paper.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Success

    This paper examines the concept of emotional intelligence as it relates to personal and occupational success. The author delves into the origins of the term and how emotional intelligence is perceived. This five page paper has four sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    This paper describes and discusses Goleman's theory of emotional intelligence, including the components. The writer comments on the importance of emotional intelligence for effective leadership. There are eight sources listed in the bibliography of this three page paper.

  • Positive Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

    This paper concludes that when emotional intelligence is heightened, positive emotions will be present more often than not. Emotional intelligence and its relationship with positive emotions is emphasized. There are fifteen sources cited in the bibliography of this nine page paper.

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