Research Paper On Employee Performance Management

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  • Five Themes for Increasing Performance

    Management was first studied during the early years of the industrial revolution. Theories and practices have changed dramatically since then. What has not changed is the continual search for ways to increase a company's performance. For that to happen, employees must perform at higher levels. This essay reacts to and reflects on an article entitled, "Creating High Performances Workplaces" by Martin Staubus who describes five themes related to performance. There is one sources used in this three page paper.

  • Implementing Performance Management within an Organization

    The writer considers how or why an organization may consider implementing a performance management strategy, defining the term, identifying the potential outcomes in looking at the way in which performance management is highly aligned with HRM practices. The writer then goes on to consider different types of performance assessments there may be useful employees, and make recommendations regarding and implementation plan. The paper includes PowerPoint presentation consisting of seven sites and accompanying speaker notes. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography this thirteen page paper.

  • Benefits of Performance Appraisal, Diversity Management and Employee Participation in a Troubled Firm

    This 7 page paper looks at three issues concerned with human resource management; performance appraisals, diversity management and employee participation. Three issues are considered from the perspective of a company which is suffering from claims of discrimination based on its' existing predominantly white married male management structure. Each of the factors is discussed in the context of improving internal culture of the company and reducing the potential for discrimination as well is changing attitudes of management. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

  • Managing Employee Performance

    The writer considers the concept of performance management and the different aspects of performance management before examining some of the HR tools that can be used in active performance management strategies. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography of this nine page paper.

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