Research Paper On Ethics In Advertising Pdf

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  • Children Promotion of Advertising Ethics

    In a paper consisting of seven pages ethics in advertising particularly in the area of children's advertising are discussed. There are five bibliographic sources cited.

  • Ethics and Advertising

    In a paper that contains eight pages the motive for the existence of advertising through profit and persuasion are examined within the philosophies of John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant. There are seven bibliographic sources cited.

  • Heath Care Ethics and Values

    This research paper pertains to various aspects of ethics, such as the subject of autonomy, drug company advertising policies and ethics committees. Eleven pages in length, nine sources are cited.

  • Children and Advertising

    In this paper that consists of five pages discussing with children advertising ethics are examined in order to teach them to make responsible consumer decisions and to protect younger children from being deceived by creative advertising. There are eight bibliographic sources cited.

  • The Oxymoron of Advertising Ethics?

    In a paper that contains eight pages the lines that should be drawn in the name of ethics are considered from an advertising perspective that considers tobacco and sexually exploitive advertising types. There are seven bibliographic sources cited.

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