Research Paper On Ethics In Group Counseling

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  • Methods in Group Counseling

    A discussion on group counseling is included in this paper that highlights advantages of group therapy over individual counseling. Various approaches are included. This four page paper has two sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Ethics and Choice of Therapy

    This research paper offers an overview that addresses the question of how to choose a modality of practice, that is, group or individual counseling, with the writer describing the benefits and drawbacks of each type of counseling by drawing on literature. The ethical issues associated with counseling are also addressed. Fifteen pages in length, ten sources are cited.

  • Counselors' Codes of Ethics

    In six pages various counseling professions codes of ethics are contrasted and compared and include how they address social relationships, conflict of interest, and sexual intimacies and include the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, the American Association of Christian Counseling, and the American Counseling Association. Four sources are cited inthe bibliography.

  • People Need Training to Become Effective Teams

    Teamwork training is essential if teams are going to be effective. Teams need to learn specific skills to be effective, high-performing teams. This essay discusses the training teams need to be effective, which includes group roles, group development, budgeting for social responsibility, introducing ethics in the training, training to become a transformational leader and other aspects. There are five sources used in this seven page paper.

  • Institutional Care, Legalities, and Ethics

    In ten pages the institutionalization of a family member for counseling or psychiatric counseling care purposes is discussed in a consideration of legalities and ethics. Nine sources are cited in the bibliography.

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