Research Paper On Ethics In Information Technology

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  • Ethics and Information Technology

    In seven pages this paper presents a literature review involving the ethical issues surrounding IT and information access. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Ethics In Information Technology

    13 pages in length. Information Technology (IT) is arguably one of the most expansive and influential forms of advancement mankind has ever created; that it serves to connect, facilitate, market and educate the entire global community speaks to a human discovery of monumental value. Indeed, something so significant in a positive light must also harbor shortcomings that can be just as substantial, which is clearly the case with the ethical concerns inherent to IT. Considered the four most prevalent ethical issues in today's IT - privacy, accuracy, property and accessibility (PAPA) - they garner tremendous attention as the illustration of how imposing an otherwise beneficial human advancement can be to its own makers. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Health Information Technology

    This essay discusses the health information technology economic and clinical health act, which addresses using technology in health care facilities. More than that, it requires a meaningful use of these technologies. How meaningful use was finally defined is the focus of this essay. Priorities and criteria are included. There are five sources listed in the bibliography of this six page paper.

  • Homeland Security's use of Geographical Information Systems

    Homeland Security uses many different forms of technology in their role of protecting the US. One type of technology which is used for a number of purposes is geographical information systems (GIS). The writer defines and described the technology and then examines the way that it is used by the government agency. Thirteen sources are cited in the bibliography of this sixteen page paper.

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