Research Paper On Female Empowerment

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  • McCaffrey and Female Self-Actualization

    This paper examines how Anne McCaffrey's 1968 literary work, Dragonfight, deals with female empowerment and self-actualization during the late 1960s. This five page paper has no additional sources listed in the bibliography.

  • "Dune" and the Question of Female Empowerment

    In a paper of eleven pages, the writer looks at female empowerment in "Dune". Drawing upon critical sources, arguments for the empowering presentation of women are presented contra arguments that "Dune" merely reinforces patriarchal perspectives. Paper uses five sources.

  • Female Police Officers

    The literature makes it very clear that female police officers face more challenges and have fewer opportunities than male officers. Only 7 percent of female officers make it to the top, e.g., chief of police. This essay provides data regarding female police officers, the kinds of negative climates they deal with and how they cope. A couple of studies show that female officers are more effective and more competent in many situations than their male counterparts. The essay discusses police officers in the field, female parole officers, and female correction officers. There are twelve sources used in this thirty page paper.


    Discusses the strength-based approach in helping a female prisoner cope when she's released into society. There is 1 source listed in the bibliography of this 5-page paper.

  • Empowerment and Delegation: Learned Business Skills

    This 8 page paper considers the difference between empowerment and delegation, and then discusses empowerment in detail, as well as some of the issues involved in building an effective team. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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