Research Paper On Financial Sustainability

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  • Creating Sustainability in Developing Countries Healthcare Provisions - a Proposal for Research

    The writer presents an outline proposal to examine the way that a developing country may for the healthcare system, creating financial sustainability future. The proposal utilizes the case of Zambia as subject matter, and presents an in-depth examination of the problems faced in the universal healthcare system is under-funded and reliant on donations from foreign governments. The writer presents a methodology utilizing an in-depth literature review followed by qualitative and quantitative primary research. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography of this twenty page paper.

  • Creating Financial Sustainability Poor Nations

    It is generally agreed that poor nations have trouble in maintaining a financially sustainable healthcare system, and the by low levels of taxation in general poverty. The paper looks at the way governments have sought to create sustainability is the utilization of financial support in the community or through user fees, and assesses the impact of these policies. Fifteen sources are cited in the bibliography this fourteen page paper.

  • EMS and Sustainability

    This 10 page paper is a PowerPoint presentation which aims to show the way that the principals sustainability under pin environmental management systems (EMS's). The paper defines sustainability looks at different EMS's and considers the way in which they reflect the principles of sustainability as well as good business practice.

  • Health Care Education and Sustainability

    In a paper of three pages, the writer looks at sustainability in health care education. Policies to improve sustainability are examined. Paper uses two sources.

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