Research Paper On Flat Slab

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  • Controversy Surrounding Proposals for a Flat Tax

    This nine page paper explores the potential for a flat tax. The history of proposals for such a tax and the variation that exists as to its proposed terms is highlighted. Both sides of the argument for and against the flat tax are explored and synthesized. A workable option is proposed. Eight sources are included.


    Focuses on the employee problems at the fictitious Flat Metal Pressing, and provides solutions, based on human resources management (HRM) and strategic development suggestions. There are 10 sources listed in the bibliography of this 9-page paper.

  • Code Green - A New Challenge

    Code Green is a huge global project that Thomas Friedman proposed in his book, Hot, Flat, And Crowded. Why We Need a Green Revolution – and How it Can Renew America. New leaders are needed, which leads to a discussion on leadership development and the need to include spirituality in the programs. There are thirteen sources used in this twenty page paper.

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