Research Paper On Gay Marriage

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  • Why Same Sex Marriage Should be Legal in the New Millennium

    This 9 page paper examines gay marriage and the various aspects of society it affects. Political, religious and social aspects are discussed. The paper includes several arguments in support of gay marriage. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Gay Marriages - Arguments For and Against

    In a paper of five pages, the writer looks at gay marriage. By removing the moral component from the legal debate, a consensus is reached wherein gay marriage is supported on the grounds of equal access to civil rights. Paper uses six sources.

  • "Option Four" By Ramesh Ponnuru: Review

    3 pages in length. Today, in the seventh year of the twenty-first century, the social, economic and moral battle continues to rage over gay marriage - a concept author Ramesh Ponnuru sees as a debate that is missing one pertinent option for a compromising resolution. His article entitled "Option Four: A Compromise on Gay Marriage" strives to illustrate both the soundness and fallibility of each side and ultimately offer a fourth option to the standard three that are routinely rejected. No additional sources cited.

  • In Opposition to Gay Marriage

    12 pages. 10 sources. This paper provides support for the position of opposition to gay marriages. This paper gives a central argument against gay marriages and uses rhetorical statements to support the opposition to gay marriage.

  • Opposing Laws Against Gay Marriage

    3 pages in length. Man is constantly reinventing itself as a species in order to maintain an ongoing and progressive status; if he were remain idle without benefit of continued growth and advancement as a collective of living beings, he would soon cease to exist. Whether social, political, economic, cultural or technological, progression is the driving force behind the positive nature of change. Why, therefore, is the notion of gay marriage considered so morally offensive that laws must be enacted to prevent it? If there is one thing that reflects man's capacity for progress and change, it is the tolerance to accept gay marriage as a viable alternative to heterosexual unions; to pass judgment by virtue of legal infiltration is for humanity to inequitably pick and choose which aspects of contemporary evolution are recognized based upon nothing more substantial than personal opinion. But perhaps even more importantly is how laws against gay marriage ultimately exist for no other reason than to deprive same-sex couples of equal rights and benefits. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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