Research Paper On Global Warming And Climate Change

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  • Managing Climate Change In Developing Countries

    A 3 page paper. Managing climate change means reducing global warming and devising strategies to reduce warming and also adopting strategies to try to minimize the damage climate changes have caused. This paper discusses these issues and reports examples of what these countries can do to manage these changes. The paper also reports commitments developing countries have made to reduce warming. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Responses of the International Community to Climate Change Issues

    This 8 page paper looks at some of the international responses to the threat of global warming and climate change. The responses include the use of legislation and voluntary agreements at international, national and local levels as well as the responses of businesses, including large corporations such as Hewlett Packard. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

  • Global Warming

    There are two sociological problems discussed in this essay. The first section discusses aging and focuses on poverty among the elderly. The other one discusses global warming and climate change and its effects. Both sections follow a specific order for discussion including the theory used to discuss it. There are five sources used in this ten page paper.

  • Climate Change and Technology

    This 10 page paper looks at the potential for technology to be used to help with the international problem of climate change and global warming. The paper assessing the problem of climate change and outlines some of the potential causes and then looks at a range of ways technology, including biotechnology, can help alleviate some of the issues associated with climate change. The technologies considered include forms of carbon sequestration including ocean iron fertilization and alternatives fuel sources, including ethanol and solar energy. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

  • Gender Issues in Kenya and Climate Change

    This research paper begins by describing what climate change entails and its connection to global warming. Then, the writer describes the effects of climate change in Africa with particular focus on the ways in which it affects the lives of Kenyan women. Eight pages in length, nine sources are cited.

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