Research Paper On Green Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles

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  • Futures and Options on Silver and Yahoo!

    This 6 page report discusses the various investment properties, futures, options, and features of silver and the web portal company Yahoo! The world of Internet stocks and investment is often bewildering to the more traditional investment experts, as well as the individual investors. However, attempting to protect investments through a commodity of great 'traditional' value such as silver is not a wise move in the modern marketplace. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Green Supply Chain Management

    This 16 page paper examines the concept of the green supply chain; managing the supply chain in a sustainable or environmentally friendly manner. The paper starts by examining what a green supply chain is and how it may be defined and put into practice and the considers additional issues such as the potential benefits, costs, the key factors for implementation and then considers examples of firms that hover elements of a green supply chain in the UAE. The bibliography cites 18 sources.

  • Green Buildings and Sustainable Design

    The built environment has a significant impact on general ecological environment, causing damage and pollution with the construction phase and emissions with ongoing use. The writer looks at the compete of green buildings and sustainability in the built environment, After examining the concepts they are applied to arid regions, such as the Middle east with specific attention to Dubai. Examples of buildings that are green, challenges that are faced and technology that is available are all discussed. Twenty-three sources are cited in the bibliography of this twenty-three page paper.

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