Research Paper On How Music Affects Your Mood

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  • Music and Society

    5 pages that discuss how music affects society. There are 5 sources.

  • Moulin Rouge (2001) and Setting a Cinematic Mood

    This paper examines how the elements of cinema -- such as atmosphere; clothing; music; and historical, social, and geographical setting -- were used to set the mood by director Baz Luhrmann to set the particular mood for his twenty-first century musical. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

  • Behavior and Mood Influences

    In ten pages this paper discusses mood and behavioral influences including perceptions of others, climate, and color.

  • 2nd Graders and the Impact of Silence and Rap Music

    In six pages this research paper provides a review of the pertinent literature regarding the process of learning and the effects of music with a consideration of how 2nd grade students are affected by rap music. Twelve sources are cited in the bibliography.

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