Research Paper On Impact Of Information Technology On Human Resource Management

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  • Human Resource Management at a Telecommunications Company

    The telecommuncations industry is facing a great deal of change, many long established companies are facing challenges. In the UK British Telecom has had to undertake radical change, which has impacted on its' human resource management policies. The writer examines the human resource management policies at the company, considering the potential impact they will have on the working environment as well as the practices themselves. Six sources are cited in the bibliography of this eleven page paper

  • Federal Express and Human Resources

    In four pages Federal Express's human resource management is examined in a consideration of how well it conforms to three strategic business strategies.

  • Human Resource Managements and Its Functions

    In this overview of human resource management, the writer defines the functions of management with an organizational structure as pertaining to the obtainment of organizational goals in an effective manner through efficient organizing, planning, and controlling of all organizational reosurces. This paper is written with the assumption that its readership concists of human resource managers and it offers advice relative to the need for increase in information flow that will aid in reaching institutional goals. This eight page paper has ten sources in the bibliography.

  • Strategic Human Resource Development

    This 30 page paper looks at what is meant by Strategic Human Resource Development (SHRD), how it differences from human resource development (HRD) and how firms using SHRD may be identified and separated from those who do not. The paper then examines the well known company Coca-Cola in order asses to what extent this company embraces SHRD. The last part of the paper considers the way in which Coca-Cola could change in order to take a more strategic approach to human resource development and human resource management. The bibliography cites 21 sources.

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