Research Paper On Insurance Industry

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  • The Importance of Statistics to the Insurance Industry

    The insurance industry relies on statistics to assess risk and help with the setting of insurance premiums. The writer looks at the different types of statistics that may be needed for various types of policy and the way that the statistics are used as well as the reasons why interpretation and statistical accuracy is important to the survival of the firm. Two sources are cited in this five page paper.

  • Insurance Regulations in Hong Kong

    In five pages the insurance industry is considered within the context of Hong Kong and whether or not consumer interests will be protected by insurance regulation. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • PAC’s: The Insurance Industry

    Lobbying is important to almost all industries. This 20 page paper examines the insurance industry, looking at the important issues that companies may want to influence and the way that political action committees PACs, may seek to represent the interests of the commercial interests, The paper look at the general issues and then consider three PACs in more detail; ALAC PAC, Metropolitan Life and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The paper ends by considering the way that the PACs may improve efficiency in the future.

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