Research Paper On Internet Marketing In India

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  • A Marketing Campaign to Promote Tasmania as a Tourist Destination

    Tasmania is an area of diversity and natural beauty. The writer presents a marketing campaign. The first part of the paper identifies a potential target market and justified why that market is to be targeted. The second part of the paper moves on the development of a marketing campaign using billboards, the internet and magazines. Six sources are cited in this seven page paper.

  • India and McDonalds - Exploring Multinational Markets

    In a paper of four pages, the writer looks at McDonalds and its expansion into foreign markets in India. This is used to illustrate the necessities of researching foreign markets prior to expansion. Paper uses three sources.

  • Electronic Media and Direct Marketing

    In thirteen pages direct marketing and the influence of electronic media such as the Internet and the marketing changes and adaptations that have resulted are considered within the context of the statement 'The power of the web…is as a direct marketing medium par excellence…the web or…email marketing…are simply new media offering new scope for the exercise of direct marketing skills.' Fifteen sources are listed inthe bibliography.

  • A Marketing Campaign to Encourage responsible Water Usage

    The writer develops a marketing campaign to support responsibility water usage. The campaign is targeting children, based on television advertising and an internet web site. The justification for the planned approach which uses an animated character is considered in the context of marketing theory. Fourteen sources are cited in the bibliography of this seven page paper.

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