Research Paper On Kent State Shooting

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  • Shootings in School

    This is a paper that looks at the causes of school shootings. There are eight sources in this eight page paper

  • From the Invention of the Automobile to the Kent State Massacre

    This paper addresses fifteen specific questions including those on the Gulf of Tonkin, US involvement in World War II and Vietnam, the Cold War, the invention of the automobile, the creation of suburbia and other questions in American history. There are fifteen sources listed in this eight page paper.

  • Age 18 or 21

    There is some controversy over the ages 18 and 21. For instance, in some states a person who is 18 can order an alcoholic beverage but in most states, the age is 21. Seems ridiculous given the fact that so many people younger than 21 are serving for their country. The age of emancipation from foster care also differs by state, mostly it is 18 but in some states, it is 21. This essay discusses articles that reported studies about the outcomes for foster kids. They are mostly negative. The outlook is much more positive in states where the age is 21. Included for each article are: theoretical or conceptual framework, methodology, design, and conclusions. A visual graphic that reflects the concepts in each study along with statistical data are included. There are three sources listed in the bibliography of this six page paper.

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