Research Paper On Low Vision

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  • Marketing Issues for Stores Competing with Discount Stores

    Companies in just about all industries are facing stiff competition from similar stores that offer items at a much lower cost. For instance, two low-cost grocery stores have opened in the United Kingdom and other places and are hurting revenues for stores like Tesco. This essay focuses on different marketing issues, such as the marketing mix, corporate structure, the differences between low-cost and mainstream stores. The essay concludes with two recommendations for Tesco. There are three sources used in this eight page paper.

  • Health People 2010: Low-Income, Low Literate, Diabetic New Yorkers

    5 pages in length. Statistics clearly illustrate the challenges low-income diabetic New Yorkers have in the ongoing quest to access the Internet to reach the plethora of helpful information pertaining to their disease. For example, seventy-seven percent with income of $15,000 or less have no computer, which equates to eighty-one percent unable to access from their homes (Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities, 2007). While these findings provide valuable information pertaining to how this works against their health, it is important to note that a number of programs are being implemented in order to fix the problem. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

  • Analysis of low and very low calorie diets

    Popular culture has dictated many diet trends that may induce immediate weight loss but are not sound approaches for long-term lifestyle changes; low-calorie (LCD) and very low-calorie (VLCD) diets - whereby a person is restricted to a specific number of calories for each day's consumption - each play a specific role in the loss and maintenance of weight. Three sources cited.

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