Research Paper On Microsoft Company

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  • Microsoft's Organizational Design

    In seven pages this report discusses the organizational design and functional parameters that are in place within the Microsoft Company. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Apple Computers' Struggle Against Microsoft.

    A paper that addresses the problems faced by Apple Computers, Inc. The author contends that Apple computers main competition, Microsoft, is the industry leader and maintains a monopoly on the home and business PC market. However according to the author, Microsoft's monopoly is due to a negative stigma on Apple Computers and clever marketing my Microsoft, not because Apple's are inferior. This five page paper has one source listed in the bibliography.

  • Competition Issues and Microsoft

    In five pages this paper examines 3 issues regarding Microsoft and competition including Microsoft corporate acquisitions and the impact on Internet competitors' share prices, Microsoft's potentially threatening financial moves where competitors are considered, and if Microsoft's market dominance is threatening to competition. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Merging with Microsoft

    This research paper discusses a hypothetical business and what factors should be considered before making a decision to merge with Microsoft. The writer addresses the history of MIcrosoft and describes its product line, customer base and major competitors, as well as projecting where Microsoft is headed and market stratrategy. This ten page paper has three sourches in the bibliography.

  • Identifying a Suitable Organizational Diagnosis Model

    The writer looks at four different models which may be used to assess and organization and help with the determination of strategy. Using the example of Microsoft and their recent acquisition of internet communication company Skype, the models are discussed to identify which may provide the greatest value. The four models disused are Lewin's force field model, the congruence model of Nadler-Tushman, Weisbords 6 box model and McKensey's 7 S's model. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography of this seven page paper.

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