Research Paper On Misleading Advertisements

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  • A Proposal to Examine How The Effectiveness of Advertising May be Improved

    Advertising is undertaken to attract consumers and support sales. The research proposed has the aim of assesses the way that advertisements may have a direct impact on consumers and what factors may influence the consumers perception of an advertisement. The document is a fulfill research proposal including justification, research questions, literature review and methodology. Twelve sources are cited in this twelve page paper.

  • A Porsche Advertisement Analysis

    In seven pages a Porsche magazine advertisement is analyzed with such criteria used as target audience, message, imagery, sociocultural appeal, encoding, and reference groups among ohters. The original advertisement copy is unavailable. There is no bibliography included.

  • A Software Advertisement Analysis

    In nine pages Microsoft Office magazine print advertisements are analyzed in terms of such considerations as psychological screens, cultural messages, use of reference groups, and target market. There is no bibliography included and the original advertisement is not supplied.

  • McDonald’s and Carlton Draught Beer Television Advertisements Compared

    This 12 page paper looks at the advertisements of two companies sending food and drink products in Australia. The advertisements for McDonald’s and Carlton Draught Beer are compact and contrasted, looking at which targets markets the companies are trying to attract, and the way that they are trying get the attention of those target markets. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

  • Persuasion Analysis of Mac Advertisement

    This paper analyzes an Online advertisement for Mac computers from Apple, Inc. The paper discusses routes to persuasion, psychological concepts and elements of persuasion. Discussion is directed at the Mac advertisement. There are eight sources listed in the bibliography of this six page paper.

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