Research Paper On Montessori Method

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  • Montessori and Vygotsky: current applications.

    This paper looks at educational theories over the past century, and the ways in which they might be applicable in the present day. The writer looks in particular at Montessori and Vygotsky, stating that although there have been criticisms of constructivism, the Montessori method makes effective use of Vygotsky's ideas. The paper goes on to consider the use of joint peer discovery methods in the classroom as seen in mainstream education. This ten page paper has eight sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Philosophy of the Montessori Educational Method

    In four pages this report considers Maria Montessori's educational philosophy that cemented the foundation for what is now known as the Montessori method. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Logico-Mathematical Thought And Montessori’s Mathematical Mind

    This 4 page paper looks at Piaget’s concept of logico-mathematical and then considers the idea of Maria Montessori’s mathematical mind. The paper then considers some of the first tools that are used for teaching children maths using the Montessori Method. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

  • Montessori: Nurturing the Spirit

    A 3 page consideration of how the Montessori method nurtures a child’s spirit and, in turn, encourages learning. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

  • Introduction to Montessori

    This paper provides an overview of some of the main concepts of the Montessori method including discussions of the absorbent mind, sensitive periods for learning, different levels of consciousness and self-discipline. There are seven sources listed in the bibliography of this seven page paper.

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