Research Paper On New Zealand Culture

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  • New Zealand and Australia's Indigenous Peoples and Political Rights

    In five pages this paper discusses the lack of political rights being denied to the indigenous peoples of New Zealand and Australia with neither Australia's democratic or New Zealand's 'New Right' political models working successfully. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Analysis of the Telecom Corporation of New Zealand

    The Telecom Corporation of New Zealand was the incumbent telecoms supplier within New Zealand, which is had to adapt and change is the environment has evolved. The writer examines the company, looking at the strategic profile, financial performance and external influences in order to determine the way in which the organization may move forward. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography this twelve page paper

  • The Marketing of New Zealand

    Tourism New Zealand, the operating name for the New Zealand tourist Board, launched a marketing campaign in 1999 aimed at increasing levels of tourists visited the country. The campaign has lasted in excess of a decade, and has coincided with significant increases in the number of tourists. The writer assesses the campaign, looking at the way tourism may be marketed and underlying theories as well as the campaign itself and the results it is produced. The bibliography of this eighteen page paper cites thirteen sources.

  • Improving Corporate Governance and Supervision in New Zealand

    The credit crunch and global recession which started ion 2008 has seen many governments reconsider the way that cooperate governance and supervision takes place in their markets. The writer examines the approach adopted towards corporate governance in New Zealand and then looks at the way the United States and the United Kingdom are dealing with these issues to determine if there are any transferable lessons for New Zealand. Eight sources are cited in this eight page paper.

  • A Drink to Compete with Coca Cola and Pepsi - LOL in Australia

    A new drink has been launched in Australia and New Zealand. LOL is a carbonated fruit juice drink which is competing head to head with major carbonated brands. The position and achievements of the brand are examined using a SWOT analysis. Nine sources are cited in the bibliography of this six page paper.

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