Research Paper On Organizational Culture And Leadership

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  • One Way to Determine Effectiveness of Leadership Development

    A journal article is reviewed in this essay, Understanding the effects of leadership development on the creation of organizational culture change: a research approach by Keith W. Ray and Joan Goppelt. These authors argue that a social constructivist perspective combined with social complexity theories of change can be used to successfully understand the relationship between leadership development and organizational culture change. There is one source in the bibliography of this three page paper.

  • Leadership and Change

    In a paper of three pages, the author reflects on the issue of leadership and the impact on change. Organizational leaders recognize that strategic approaches to organizational culture must focus on evidence-based change. Schein’s methods for developing an organizational culture capable of change, including relating primary embedding mechanism and secondary articulation and enforcement mechanisms, can be valuable in organizations. There are three sources used.

  • Organizational Culture

    A 5 page paper that responds to several questions. What is organizational culture? How the culture affects employees and managers? Ways organizational cultures can change and why? How can organizational culture be deliberately changed? And comments about the organization as a culture. Examples are included.

  • Change and Its Effects on Corporate Culture

    In ten pages organizational or corporate culture is describes in a consideration of the effects of the process of change, the organizational culture typology of Handy and Harrison, and leadership implications. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Changing the Culture of a Department

    This seven page paper is based on a scenario provided by the student in which a new COO has been hired. The paper describes the culture that exists and explains the four typical types of organizational culture. The writer makes recommendations for the COO, including adopting situational leadership and more directive behaviors and then, moving to transformational leadership. Six sources are cited on the bibliography page.

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