Research Paper On Pollution Control

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  • Costs of Pollution Control to Businesses

    In five pages the impact of 1990's Clean Air Act relevant to business costs to conform to environmental regulations are examined. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Pollution and the Tourism Industry

    This 20 page paper examines the link between tourism and pollution focusing on air and water pollution. The paper explores how and why tourisms is causing pollution, this includes looking at how tourism is increasing, the ways in which air travel increases the presence of greenhouse gases and the pollutions caused by cruise ships. Other sources of pollution are also discussed with the paper ending by considering the extent of the pollution. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

  • Cancer and Air Pollution

    The connection between cancer and air pollution is discussed in five pages and includes a consideration of how cancer can be related to such pollutants as nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulfure dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Also examined are efforts to control air pollution. There are eight bibliographic sources cited.

  • Controlling Pollution

    In four pages this paper discusses water and air pollution and how education can go a long way in assisting developing countries control problems associated with pollution. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Environmental Pollution from China and its Impacts on the U.S.

    3 pages and 4 sources. This paper provides an overview of the problem of pollution in China, specifically air pollution. This paper considers the problem of pollution in one country and its impacts on others. This paper looks at China and North America, relating the spread of pollution and the dissipation of pollutants.

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