Research Paper On Recession In India

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  • India-Australia Trade

    This 5 page paper looks at the trade that takes place between India and Asia, considering the trade levels, the increase and influences in trade such as reduction in trade tariffs and considers why India may be an attractive export destination for Australian goods and looks at potential barriers. The last part of the paper considers the viability of exporting beef from Australia to India. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

  • Economic Policies of the UK and their Failure to Prevent a Double Dip Recession in 2012

    In 2012 the UK entered a second recession making it a 'double dip'. The writer looks at the different influences and policy drivers to assess the degree to which government financial policies and the pursuit of the budget reduction may have facilitated the double dip recession. Seventeen sources are cited in the bibliography of this twelve page paper.

  • The Specific Difficulties Associated with Implementing Organizational Changes during Recessions

    The writer looks at why implementing change during difficult economic conditions may present more challenges than traditional changes in normal situations. The complexities associated with change during a recession and the way that a recession may impact on changes all discussed. The final section of the paper justifies the benefit of studying this issue for individuals pursuing a career in leadership. Four sources are cited in the bibliography of this five page paper.

  • Justification for Research Examining Potential Strategies for Firms Facing a Recession

    The writer justifies the need for research to determine potential strategies for firms during a recession. The paper contains a discussion on the problems associated with recession and why primary research is required. The justification also includes an assessment of the benefits of the research for a future leader. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography this six page paper.

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