Research Paper On Recruitment And Selection Process Pdf

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  • The Importance of Effective Selection and Recruitment

    This 8 page paper looks at the importance of effective selection and recruitment strategies. The paper outlines benefits and costs associated recruitment and considers the way in which recruitment should fit in with the overall strategy of the company. Effective recruitment is examined in the context of different organisational approaches the paper goes on to look at the different talks which may be used to help create an effective selection and recruitment strategy. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

  • Challenges and Practices for Ethical Recruitment

    The recruitment process is a potential ethical minefield. There are many areas within the recruitment process where unethical practices may take place, either purposefully or unintentionally. The writer examines the recruitment process and discusses areas such as advertising, interviewing and testing of candidates to determine areas where ethics needs to be considered to ensure that recruitment processes are fair and equitable. Twenty-two sources are cited in the bibliography this sixteen page paper.

  • A Selection and Recruitment Guide

    A step by step process for selection and recruitment comprises this simple guide of ten pages that explains and justifies selection choices. There are ten bibliographic sources listed.

  • The Theory and This of Recruitment and Selection- A Learning Log

    The writer presents an example of a learning log correlated in the study of recruitment and selection processes. Utilizing the example of the fast food chain McDonald's the paper starts with an outline of the subject, then looks at the different theories and models that may be learned as part of a also human resource management, and ends with a reflective section. Fifteen sources are cited in the bibliography this eleven page paper

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