Research Paper On Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Pdf

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  • Freon v. Tetrafluoroethane Refrigeration

    In fifteen pages this report contrasts and compares the environmental effects of air conditioning and refrigeration approaches in a consideration of these two cases that are used in an assessment of the ecological impacts of each. Twelve sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Air Quality, Air Pollution and the Impacts on the Climate

    4 pages and 4 sources. This paper provides an overview of the impacts of air pollution and overall air quality in the climate of the Earth. This paper considers the impacts of industrial pollutants, including carbon monoxide and chlorofluorocarbons, as they contribute to the decline of environmental conditions. This paper relates the problem of global warming to the issue of air pollution.

  • Los Angeles Air Pollution and Healthy People 2010

    A 6 page paper integrating Healthy People 2010 Objective 8-1 (Reduce the proportion of persons exposed to air that does not meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's health-based standards for harmful air pollutants) and Watson's Theory of Human Caring to address the effects of air pollution in Los Angeles. Nurses operating within Watson's theory and addressing air quality can seek to educate the elderly and parents of young children about the dangers of high-pollution days and how they can mitigate their health risks as others continue to work to improve local air quality. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder and Somatoform

    This paper discuses two conditions. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition that appears during a season, mostly winter. The somatoform condition discussed is Body Dysmorphic Disorder. There are four sources listed in the bibliography of this three page paper.

  • Psychiatric Technician Must Know These Terms

    This essay identifies many of the disorders and conditions a psychiatric technician need to understand. Each disorder or condition is defined and usual treatment interventions are identified. The conditions and illnesses discussed include different personality disorders, hope and hopelessness, anxiety, bipolar, anger, manipulation, addictive behaviors, and more. There are twenty sources listed in the bibliography of this nine page paper.

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