Research Paper On Role Of Information Technology In Education

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  • Multicultural Education And Technology

    A 10 page paper that includes these sections: abstract, stimulus statement and topic, teacher competence to teach multicultural education, what we know about technology and student achievement and technology in pre-service multicultural education classes, what we do not know and recommendations. There are many suppositions that make good sense about the value of technology when teaching multicultural lessons but there seems to be very little empirical evidence. Data are provided for studies where technology was used with ELL and disadvantaged students for math and writing. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

  • Homeland Security's use of Geographical Information Systems

    Homeland Security uses many different forms of technology in their role of protecting the US. One type of technology which is used for a number of purposes is geographical information systems (GIS). The writer defines and described the technology and then examines the way that it is used by the government agency. Thirteen sources are cited in the bibliography of this sixteen page paper.

  • Roles in Education/Chapter Summaries

    A 10 page research paper that addresses issues in leadership as they apply to education. The first page addresses the question of what roles community leader and religious institutions should play in the process of education. This is followed by three 3-page summaries of articles on education and leadership. Bibliography sites these articles, but this information is incomplete.

  • Democracy and Education

    In four pages democracy and its demands are examined in terms of social ideals and education's role.

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