Research Paper On Rural Poverty In India

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  • Poverty in Rural China - The Impact of Social Work

    In a paper of ten pages, the writer looks at poverty in rural China. Studies are cited which indicate the value of rural social work, and an intervention strategy is developed and proposed. Paper uses two sources.

  • Poverty : Causes And Effects

    This 12 page paper begins with the data regarding poverty, including rates, regions, minority factors. The paper discusses theories on the causes of poverty and the outcomes and consequences of poverty, including poorer health and less education. The long-term consequences are also discussed. The writer comments about poverty and the schools and the implications for educators. Statistical data included. 1 Table included. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

  • Living Within the US Poverty Standard

    This paper provides details of an experiment undertaken by a rural family, limiting their weekly food budget to that laid out by the 2006 US poverty level food budget. The author includes a table of the family's total food costs and menu items. This thirteen page paper has three sources listed in the bibliography.

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