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  • Trouble Shooting in Services Industries

    Companies providing services to consumers, such as in the tourism industry, need to understand where there may be gaps in the services that are provided and the services expected. This 3 page paper discusses 4 potential gaps considering the causes and potential solutions. These four gaps are the gap between a customer expectation and the expectations perceived by management, the Gap between the management perceptions and consumer expectations and the way it is translated into service quality specifications, the gap between service quality specifications and the delivery of those specifications to the customer and the gap between the service delivered to customers and the external communication about the service. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

  • Managing Quality in a Logistics Firm

    The writer assesses the relevance and importance of service delivery in a logistics firm, discusses the way service quality may be measured and gaps identified and proposes a strategy to measure and improve relevant areas of quality. Fourteen sources are cited in the bibliography of this fourteen page paper.

  • One Way to Measure Service Quality

    It is more difficult to measure service quality than to measure the quality of products. The SERVQUAL method was designed to do just this. The paper explains the model, its dimensions and how it can be used. Examples are included.There are four sources listed in the bibliography of this five page paper.

  • Measuring Service Quality

    This 11 page paper considers why the measurement of service quality is important in the tourism and hospitality industries and the way that both hard measures, looking at objective factors and soft measures that assess subjective elements of service should both be used. The paper then considers how subjective data can be collected and the usefulness of tools such as SERVQUAL. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

  • McDonald's Service and Product Quality

    In five pages this paper applies Deming's Fourteen Points to an analysis of McDonald's service quality and product quality in terms of what might be improved in each area. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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