Research Paper On Television Industry

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  • Cablevision and The Cable TV Industry

    10 pages and 10 sources used. This paper provides an overview of the existing cable TV industry in America and the elements impacting this industry. This paper begins with a look at the specifics of this industry including the competitors, the format, the central characteristics and the projections in this industry. This paper then applies what is known about this industry to a view of one company, Cablevision. This company is assessed relative to the overall view of the cable television industry as a whole.

  • UK's Regulation of the TV Industry Present and Future

    In five pages the regulation of the UK television industry currently and the future changes that will result from the consolidation into The Office of Communication of the Broadcasting Standards Commission, the Advertising Standards Authority, and the Independent Television Commission are discussed. Nine sources are listed in the bibliography.

  • Sexism in the TV Industry

    In twelve pages this paper discusses the sexism that exists in the television industry. Eleven sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • The Future Of Television Advertising

    This 17 page paper looks at a future of advertising on television. A large number of influences are changing the way television is being used for marketing purposes. Changes include technological advances and the increased number competing media channels. By looking at the way television advertising is used today and emerging patterns the paper discusses the ways television advertising is likely to emerge in the 21st century. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

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