Research Paper On The Cold War

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  • Cold War Civil Rights

    A 3 page review of Mary Dudziak’s Cold War Civil Rights. No additional sources cited.

  • The Cold War: Causes and Ongoing Tensions

    A 5 page overview of the Cold War. This paper discusses the causes of the Cold War, the tensions that existed during this time, and incidents such as the Cuban Missile Crisis that almost resulted in full-out war. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

  • Answering Cold War Questions

    In five pages this research paper endeavors to answer such Cold War questions as the reasons for this ideological conflict, the 'hot' spots where wars broke out in a competition for loyalty between the Soviet Union and U.S., events that influenced the superpower relationship, Gorbachev's reforms, and other causes that brought the Cold War to its end. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Was the Cold War in Europe Inevitable?

    This 5 page paper examines various sources dealing with the Cold War and argues that scholarship is divided enough that it’s possible to argue the Cold War was not inevitable. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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