Research Paper On The History Of Writing

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  • The Written Word and Creating a Response to a Problem

    6 pages and 2 sources. This paper considers how the written word can be used to communicate very specific things, including the response to a specific problem. Throughout history authors from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Abraham Lincoln have all used the written word to respond to specific problems with great public response.

  • Jesus and Socrates

    A 4 page essay that contrasts and compares two articles that compares Jesus and Socrates. “Jesus and Socrates,” written by Bostick (1916), and “A Comparison of the Portrait of Jesus in the Gospels with the Portrait of Socrates in the Writing of Plato and Xenophon,” written by Bostick (1935), address the same topic and make similar assumptions about that topic. Each of these authors offers a comparison between Jesus and Socrates that serves to underscore the parallels in the lives of two men who changed the course of history with their philosophy and teachings. Nevertheless, while the points made in both of these articles are every similar, these articles are also quite different. This is primarily because of their level of scholarship and the individual writing style of each author. Based on these t two factors, another difference is that one can logically assume that each article was written with a different reading audience in mind. No additional sources cited.

  • How to Teach Writing

    This paper discusses methods for teaching writing. It argues that writing is not a gift but a skill that can be learned, and that every writing project demands a different approach. The paper also discusses recent advances in the teaching of writing. There are 11 sources listed in this 5 page paper.

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