Research Paper On Training Effectiveness

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  • Training Program For McDonald's Franchisees

    This 7 page paper is an analysis of a group project provided by the student. This essay discuses the organization, purpose of training and participants; the effectiveness of the training program; challenges the team faced during the project; interpersonal relationships of the team members; the effectiveness of the project as a learning experience and what could be done differently. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

  • Organizational Training Literature Review

    In a paper of ten pages, the writer looks at organizational training. Different types of training and their effectiveness are examined through a review of literature. Paper uses twenty sources.

  • People Need Training to Become Effective Teams

    Teamwork training is essential if teams are going to be effective. Teams need to learn specific skills to be effective, high-performing teams. This essay discusses the training teams need to be effective, which includes group roles, group development, budgeting for social responsibility, introducing ethics in the training, training to become a transformational leader and other aspects. There are five sources used in this seven page paper.

  • Training Law Enforcement Officers

    This 3 page paper gives an explanation of how law enforcement officers should be trained. This paper includes a discussion of physical training, law training, and training for proper temperament. Bibliography list 2 sources.

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