Research Paper On Two Careers

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  • Policy of a Couple That Has Two Careers

    In three pages student submitted data is incorporated into this policy sample of partners with dual careers along with a policy explanation offered. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Questions on Career Counseling

    In a paper of three pages, the author outlines some of the ethical principles that drive the actions of career counselors. The author then goes on to personally reflect on the career choice theories of Bandura and Holland and relates these to personal development. The paper is a response to two specific questions and uses one source as its base.

  • Career Devleopment Tests

    BDI and the Career Development Inventory are two assessments discussed in the context of this analysis that explores career development tests. Why they are used is discussed in the context of this nine page paper.

  • The Development of Career Models based on Existing Theory

    4 pages and 6 sources. This paper relates a number of different career models based on career theory, including the Protean Career Model and the Boundryless Career Model. This paper assesses specific personality types created through the Myers-Briggs test and the impact on their occupational focus.

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