Research Paper On Union Parishad

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  • Discussion About Unions

    When unions were first established and for decades later into the early to mid-1950s, they provided fairer wages, safer working conditions, a shorter workweek, and benefits. Their focus seems to have changed over the last few decades. Terminating an employee has become more and more difficult. This essay reports comments from union members and provides steps for firing a union worker. There are three sources used in this five page paper.

  • Will a Union Presence and Collective Bargaining result in Increase Wages Bills

    This 18 page paper looks at an issue pertinent in the UK. There is little doubt that over the last few decades the power and influence of the unions in the UK has declined. The paper considers the impact that unions have had on business and considers if despite the lower level of power recognizing a union in the work place and adopting collective bargaining will result in a higher wages bill for the employer. The bibliography cites 26 sources.

  • 1990s' Labor Unions

    In six pages this research paper examines labor unions changes during the 1990s including aggressive AFL CIO recruitment, management downsizing, and organizational informality.

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