Research Paper On Water Treatment Plant

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  • How Plants and Animals Differ in What they Eat and How that Affects Us

    Organisms can vary tremendously in the way they procure food. Plants, for example produce their own food using only sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. Humans, on the other hand, must eat those plants (or other animals that have) in order to survive. There are 6 sources in this six page paper.

  • Addressing Water Pollution

    This paper is an outline of some of the ways that our water resources can be negatively impacted. Included are plans for sustainability in regard to effluent discharge from domestic wastewater treatment plants using man-made wetlands. There are four sources included in this nine page paper.

  • Safe Water/Liberia

    This paper addresses the problem of access to safe, clean drinking water in Liberia, Five pages in length, seven sources are cited.

  • Examples Socially Responsible Companies

    This essay discusses two companies that are trying to provide a better world. Honest Tea produces an completely natural, organic, bottled tea and is heavily involved in social responsibility activities. Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. is changing how plants of all sorts can be grown. It is able to produce a natural seed/spore that allows remarkable growth with less water. There are three sources used in this four page paper.

  • An Examination of Carnivorous Plants

    The writer provides an overview of plants such as the Venus Fly Trap and the Pitcher Plant, which are carnivorous. The writer provides specific data about the plants' habitats and factors influencing those areas. The paper is eleven pages long and there are eleven sources listed in the bibliography.

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