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Research Papers Online - Gun Control and the Brady Bill

The overall purpose of this argument is to demonstrate the need for gun control, as well as its relationship to the Brady Bill. To this extent, it is the inten... (10 Pages)

Research Papers Online - A Comparison of Three Animation Studios of the 1930's and 1940's i.e. Disney, Warner and MGM

The 1930's and 40's witnessed many animation films throughout America's cinemas. By and large, these studios were major studios which are still around toda... (4 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Discussion and Analysis of Motor Development Skills and Stroke Victims

When assessing the relative literature as well as the plight of stroke patients, one finds that there are many causes or reasons why people fall victim to stro... (9 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Censorship in the Media a Discussion and Analysis

The purpose of this research paper is to examine censorship in the media. For the most part, media can be either electronic or printed, i.e. television, radio,... (6 Pages)

Research Papers Online - The Use of Mathematics for the Veterinarian

The Use of Mathematics for the Veterinarian Mathematics and science and the medical area in general is of paramount importance. Throughout most of technology... (3 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Administrative Theory Five Articles

For purposes of this assignment, this author has selected five articles relating to Administrative Theory, inclusive will be the summary and bibliographic entr... (6 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Creating a Non-Threatening Collaborative and Cooperative Environment In Which Students of Varied Levels Can Feel at Ease and Thus Facilitate Language Learning

The objective of this research paper is to ascertain those dynamics and factors which provide for optimal learning environment amongst language learning student... (10 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Early American Architecture From the First Colonial SettlementsTo the National Period By Hugh Morrison

Hugh Morrison's treatise on Early American Architecture is comprehensive in that it addresses those quintessential aspects of Early American architecture charac... (5 Pages)