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Research Papers Online - The Killer Angels

Shaara’s epic account of the Civil War, ‘The Killer Angels’, is a notable and impressive piece of work for a number of reasons, in terms of its scope, content a... (4 Pages)

Research Papers Online - The Villa del Casale

As noted by Seindal (2004) Piazza Armerina was an important medieval centre for politics and commerce, where the Sicilian parliament often met, and although it ... (4 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Sophocles/Antigone

In Sophocles' play Antigone (circa 442 BCE), the ancient Greek playwright presents a deeply philosophical question that has been debated since antiquity, which ... (3 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Anton Chekhov/The Cherry Orchard

The final play written by Anton Chekhov, "The Cherry Orchard," debuted at the Moscow Art Theatre in January of 1904. Chekov died the next summer. Nevertheless, ... (5 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Emily Dickinson's Views of Death

The poetry of Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) often concerned her perspective on death. Nina Baym, et al, point out in the introduction to Dickinson's work in the N... (5 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Michael Burns/The Dreyfus Affair

Toward the end of 1894, tensions in France between the republican government, disposed monarchists, and the military turned to the traditional scapegoat of hist... (3 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Oslo Accord v. Road Map to Peace

Periodically, Western powers, particularly the US, intervene in the Middle East and endeavor to forge a path to peace between Israel and the Arab states, which ... (4 Pages)

Research Papers Online - Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia affects roughly one percent of the adult population and is, therefore, one of the most common causes of psychosis (Keltner, et al, 2001). It is cl... (7 Pages)