Research Papers on Astronomy

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  • Article Summaries on Cosmology and Black Holes

    In five pages two articles about cosmology and black holes are reviewed.

  • Astronomy and Astrology

    In seven pages the bond between astronomy and astrology is historically surveyed and how the breaking of this bond through the scientific method. The continuing influences of both are also considered. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

  • Greek Mythology and Names of Constellations

    In twenty five pages this paper examines how Greek mythology influenced the names of constellations and stars. Eleven sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • Triton, Moon of Neptune

    In five pages this paper considers scientific research on Triton, the moon of Neptune. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

  • A Planet No More! Pluto's New Classification

    Within three pages, the new definition of a planet and now it affects Pluto is discussed. There are three references included.

  • Reclassifying Pluto

    This research paper describes the rationale behind the reclassification of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet. Five pages in length, three sources are cited.

  • How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming by Mike Brown

    This book review concerns Dr. Mike's Brown text that recounts how his discoveries resulted in the reclassification of Pluto. Seven pages in length, five sources are cited.

  • Theory and Application Regarding Satellite Communications

    The gaps between the theory and application of issues related to satellites are explored in the context of this well written analysis. Capabilities are explored but this report also examines other issues such as the potential number of satellite applications which are rarely discussed. This eleven page paper has eleven sources listed in the bibliography.

  • Overview of the Solar System

    This overview of the solar system consists of eight pages and includes a definition, composition of the sun, planetary properties, and exploration efforts. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.


    Discusses the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt, and the objects contained in these two regions of the solar system. There are 4 sources listed in the bibliography of this 6-page paper.

  • Astronomical Theory and the Existance of Planets in Other Solar Systems

    This two page paper reports on what is considered the first reasonable theory (presented in 1992) supporting the contention that planets exist outside our solar system. Two sources are cited.

  • Theoretical Overview of the Solar System

    This paper examines various solar system theories in eight pages with the status of Pluto as well as comet, planetary, and asteroid distinctions discussed. There are sources cited in the bibliography.

  • Hawkings Perspective on Time

    This paper provides a critical discussion of Stephen Hawkings book A Brief History of Time. The paper’s author discusses how Hawkings impression of Einstein’s theories and their relation to time travel impacted them personally and how it affected their impression of science overall. No additional sources are listed in this six page paper.


Most Relevant Research Papers

Click on any of the term papers to read a brief synopsis of the research paper. The essay synopsis includes the number of pages and sources cited in the paper.


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