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    • Could the Leaders of Boko Haram be Charged with Crimes Agsinst Humanity?

      Boko Haram are an Islamic jihadist organization based in Nigeria who became known for the kidnapping of more than 200 Christian schoolgirls in 2014. This paper considers the actions of Boko Haram in order to assess whether or not there is the potential for a criminal case to be brought under international law. The paper draws on international law laid down in the Rome Statute and the way the law has been interpreted in previous cases. Twelve sources are cited in the bibliography of this eight page paper. ... MORE

    • Attracting Millennials/AME

      This paper discusses strategies designed to attract millennials to church services and focuses on African Methodist Church (AME). Six pages in length, five sources are cited. ... MORE

    • HIstory of Psychology as a Field

      This essay presents the history and evolution of psychology, including when it became its own scientific field and a description of older perspectives and new perspectives/models. There are six sources used in this three page paper. ... MORE

    • How the Bubonic Plague Spurred the Renaissance

      This paper argues that the horrors of the black plague, in the end, actually resulted in ripening the conditions that were required for the Renaissance. There are six sources listed in this seven page paper. ... MORE

    • The South Carolina Colony in the 1800's

      This 3 page paper gives an explanation about the South Carolina Colony in the 1800's. This paper includes issues such as slavery and the 13th Amendment. Bibliography lists 1 source. ... MORE

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