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    • Five Themes for Increasing Performance

      Management was first studied during the early years of the industrial revolution. Theories and practices have changed dramatically since then. What has not changed is the continual search for ways to increase a company's performance. For that to happen, employees must perform at higher levels. This essay reacts to and reflects on an article entitled, "Creating High Performances Workplaces" by Martin Staubus who describes five themes related to performance. There is one sources used in this three page paper. ... MORE


      Focuses on a strategic communications plan geared toward the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research's Burn Center in the San Antonio Military Medical Center. Topics include types of communication methods, organizational charts, and how certain topics are communicated. There are 10 sources listed in the bibliography of this 9-page paper. ... MORE

    • ELM, ARCS, and Gerlach and Ely Models

      In a paper of four pages, the author reflects upon three different models of instruction that can be used to foster student learning. The three models presented, the ELM, ARCS, and Gerlach and Ely Models provide foundation for creating instruction and defining the roles of educator and learners. The different strategies in these models support the belief that student engagement is an important aspect of the learning process. Of the three models, the Gerlach and Ely Design Model distinguishes itself from the others by focusing more on a clearly prescribed path to presenting content which differs from the motivational models of the ELM and ARCS. There are four sources listed. ... MORE


      Discusses viral marketing and whether it is an ethical advertising tool. There are 3 sources listed in the bibliography of this 7-page paper. ... MORE

    • Fraud From Inside State Agency

      Fraud can occur anywhere and often by people one would not expect to become involved in crimes. In this case study, an investigator with a state-level Department finds a member of the agency has committed insurance fraud. There is one source used in this six page paper. ... MORE

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