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    • Railroad Accidents

      The general public does not know how many train accidents really happen. There are far more than most of us know. The big ones get national coverage but others tend to be reported only locally or regionally. This essay discusses Union Pacific collisions with an emphasis on the January 8 rear-end collision in Weber Canyon. The essay reports other accidents and a large award given to one former employee who was injured four years ago. Revenue is reported, which demonstrates the business is very good for this company. There are eight sources used in this four page paper. ... MORE

    • Studies of Mass Murder

      In a paper of three pages, the author reflects on studies of mass murder events. The author identifies four studies that have different methods for approaching this issue and creates a brief review of these studies. The outcomes of this involved the selection of one study that best represents the use of a semi-structured interview to conduct studies of trauma related to mass murder experiences. Bibliography lists four sources. ... MORE

    • Supply chain management improvement

      Supply chain management, from the upstream supply to the downstream supply, has the potential to present organisations with unnecessarily high costs due to waste. The paper examines supply chain management and the way in which efficiency may be introduced through cost reductions. The literature examined may all be applied within the cement industry. 29 sources are cited in the bibliography of this nine page paper. ... MORE

    • Study of HIV AIDS in a Southern California Population

      In a paper of six pages, the author identifies the problem of HIV/AIDS as they impact the population of gay men in Los Angeles. The author relates the potential approaches to addressing change for populations hardest hit by HIV/AIDS which are to address the social stigmatization and create better methods of communication about the disease. This may include encouraging participation in educational programs that address knowledge about sexual stigmatization and the need for earnest communications about infection risk. All of these elements are valuable and are necessary steps to reduce the spread of HIV infection in gay and bisexual urban populations. There are six sourcse listed. ... MORE

    • STDs Increasing

      The introduction reports data about the incidence of Chlamydia and uses that as a catalyst to discuss health programs in schools; examples are provided. The second part discusses how public health has contributed to public health and medicine. There are ten sources used in this six page paper. ... MORE

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