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    • About Security Officers

      This essay discusses security guards/officers by responding to more than a dozen questions about the industry and the officers. Some of the many issues discussed are identifying threats from natural disasters, crime, and accidents, phishing, cybercrimes, risks to utilities and entertainment and many other issues. There are twenty-two sources used in this fifteen page paper. ... MORE

    • Accounting Board Oversight

      The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 mandates that company management to assess and report the effectiveness of their internal control each year. The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board adopted a standard to reflect these new laws. This essay discusses auditing deficiencies found in audits of internal control and the root causes of those deficiencies. There are two sources used in this three page paper. ... MORE

    • Overview of Texas Politics

      This paper describes contemporary issues in Texas' politics, such as the charges against Gov. Rick Perry, as well as the historical background of Texas politics . Ten pages in length, six sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Hospital Technology

      The purpose of technology in hospitals is to increase efficiency and accuracy of their healthcare systems and to improve patient care. This essay explains clinical information systems, identifies a hospital that uses it, discusses how it was adopted, and offers various types of information about implementation. There are fifteen sources used in this fifteen page paper. ... MORE

    • Leadership Motivation Conflict, Emotional Intelligence

      What leadership styles can be related to what motivational theories? Effective leaders know there is a direct connection between their leadership behaviors and employee motivation but are their certain models that are more complementary.. and how do conflict theories, emotional intelligence, and goal theory fit into the mix? These are the issues discusses with specific styles and theories identified. There are seven sources used in this five page paper. ... MORE

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