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    • Cyber-terrorism vs. Terrorism

      This research paper pertains to traditional terrorism vs. cyber-terrorism and discusses similarities and differences. The writer argues that cyber-terrorism constitutes a greater potential threat. Five pages in length, five sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Health, UN Sustainable Development Goals

      This research paper discusses UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing specifically on SDG 3, which specifies targets that pertain to health and well being. Seven pages in length, six sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Literature Review: Crohn's Disease

      This research paper pertains to Crohn's disease, and encompasses the topics of incidence and impact, pathophysiology and recent research, differential diagnoses and ruling them out, collaborative treatment, and conclusions. Ten pages in length, eight sources are cited. ... MORE

    • What Would You Put Yourself on the Line For

      Chris Dixon, a prolific writer and speaker is also an anarchist. This paper discusses some of his ideas and what he and peers are trying to do and what they believe in. Paul Freire's ideas about oppression are also discussed in this paper. There are two sources used in this three page paper. ... MORE

    • Sexual Abuse on Child Development, Its Effects

      This research paper consists of the speaker notes for a PowerPoint presentation, kheffcsa.ppt. The writer offers an overview of the various effects attributed to childhood sexual abuse. Six pages in length, eight sources are cited. ... MORE

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