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    • Fort Bend County, Texas/Health Care Spending

      This paper offers a summary of "Health care spending, quality and outcomes: More isn't always better" by Fisher, et al (2009). The writer relates this information to demographic statistics for Fort Bend County, Texas. Four pages in length, five sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Franz Kafka and the Big Bug

      There are four central themes in Kafka's Metamorphosis: the absurdity of life, the disconnect between mind and body, the limits of sympathy, and alienation. It is the last one, alienation, that is explored in this essay. Some of the many interpretations of this story are reported along with the writer's own opinions. There are five sources used in this five page paper. ... MORE

    • Cancer Cells/Physiology

      This paper overs an overview of normal cell physiology prior to discussed the pathophysiology of cancer cells. Tumor treat fields is also discussed as a new treatment modality. Five pages in length, five sources are cited. ... MORE

    • Data and Two Hypothetical Businesses

      Foodie is an app that uses big data to understand user's food preferences. Wandr uses big data to link travelers with other travelers. Both are hypothetical companies. The essay discusses stakeholders, social media, and what each company does. No Bibliography ... MORE

    • Leprosy on the Half Shell?

      This paper considers the link between armadillos and leprosy in the United States. Though armadillos can carry leprosy, the likelihood of infecting humans is extremely low. There are seven sources in this seven page paper. ... MORE

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