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    • ELM, ARCS, and Gerlach and Ely Models

      In a paper of four pages, the author reflects upon three different models of instruction that can be used to foster student learning. The three models presented, the ELM, ARCS, and Gerlach and Ely Models provide foundation for creating instruction and defining the roles of educator and learners. The different strategies in these models support the belief that student engagement is an important aspect of the learning process. Of the three models, the Gerlach and Ely Design Model distinguishes itself from the others by focusing more on a clearly prescribed path to presenting content which differs from the motivational models of the ELM and ARCS. There are four sources listed. ... MORE

    • Strengths Need to Complement Each Other

      This essay discuses the write identifies the preferred strengths for a partner. The write explains they must complement each other, identifies the writer's leadership strengths, preferred strengths for a partner and why. There are four sources used in this three page paper. ... MORE

    • The Decision Over Justin Ellsworth's Email

      This 4 page paper gives an answer to the question of whether or not Yahoo should have given the email access to Justin Ellsworth's parents. This paper includes reason why it's wrong to decide not to protect someone's privacy over the internet when it is in other cases involving someone's private property. Bibliography list sources. ... MORE

    • Report from a City Inspector General

      If a city lacks policies and procedures regarding any area of functioning, it makes it easier for employees to commit fraud. Joseph Ferguson gave a speech that discussed this issue and how to find it and prevent it. This essay analyzes a city inspector general's review of how city vehicles and how City fuel were being used. There are two sources used in this six page paper. ... MORE


      Discusses pros and cons of gun control in the U.S. while pointing out that the current solutions aren't particularly effective ... MORE

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